The boys hail as a morning star, because he is in the way how others are;

If u return the sentiment, they will try to make you different, and once they have u all around.

Your moods and ways they put a course on ;

They would make of u another person,

They cannot let u go your trait, they influence and education,

They would alter what they admire…..!!


Dad you are chill as prill,

So bold like gold,

You support me for everything.

So I murmer with you like anything.

You are my inspiration, so you have rights to give prescription..

I love you a lot but troble you not..

You never say no to me for anything,

So I put my efforts and satisfy everything…

Your Royal looks make people scared but no one have dare to stand in front of you…

DAD, I born in your royality but you born in loyality..



The world itself taught me how to live in this fake world, and then I came to know that it’s the way of the world, for people to wear mask and to attain attention and respect..

I still wonder how people live their whole life by wearing a mask and hiding their ®📧🅰🕒 face and forgetting their ®📧🅰🕒 once….

Now their mask became their real ones….



Fake it as much as possible, smile through your heavy breathing, let your nervous relax when they actually wanna burst..

Never joke about your life because yours is turning into one.. Make your tears the makeup fault show that you are always fine…Because íf ú fáll down once the whole world 🌏 will destroy you.….. ✌


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